About Me

Hey there! My name is Kim and I am a seventeen year old girl from New Zealand who loves reading Young Adult books. I'm a bit of a home body so in my spare time I liked to stay at home, read, watch movies and TV, have people over, etc (:

Favourite genre (books): At the moment it's Dystopian, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Paranormal. I could read just about everything in the YA category though (:

Favourite genre (movies): Horror and Comedy!

Favourite Tv Series: I watch too much TV so I'll narrow it down to two - The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural !

Favourite Music: I used to be pretty proud that I avoided 'mainstream' music. Man I've changed so much. My music taste is definitely what's mainstream right now "/ haha.

Other Random Facts:
+ I am still pretty unsure about what I'm doing when I leave high school.
+ I love doing speeches. haha.
+ I am the House Captain for my house at school!
+ I am the second oldest of six children in my family.
+ I enjoy working out. Well... not really... just the effects of it (: